March 08, 2017
The Peach Kitchen

Have I told you that Ykaie and I started having early dinners last week? Since we sleep around 8pm, I figured it’s just right that dinner should be around 5pm- 6pm (versus having it at 7pm – 7:30pm) allowing time for it to be digested properly...

Super Tuyo readies foray into exports

February 26, 2017
The Philippine Star

An heir to his father’s dried herring (tuyo) recipe has found gold in the popular Filipino breakfast staple. Gilberto Tongo Jr., who introduced Super Tuyo to the local market in 2012, is planning to venture into his first concept store this year. The store will be Tongo’s maiden brick....

Food Finds: Super Strong Coffee, Pizza Potato Chips, and More!

July 07, 2016

Super Tuyo Recipe Pack. Cook dinner in a flash: this ready-to-eat tuyo recipe pack can easily be mixed with cooked pasta. A meal in a flash!...

Here Comes Super Tuyo!

August 30, 2015

A few days ago, I received a package of a local brand named Super Tuyo for me to try. It was very timely because I was craving for a creamy yet salty pasta. Super Tuyo is a brainchild of Gilberto Tongo of Tongo's Catering Services as a way to ship Filipino relatives abroad some tuyo...

Making Tuyo Super With Super Tuyo

August 24, 2015
Have at You!

Tuyo or salted dried herring is a type of preserved fish which is a favorite among many Filipinos. Unfortunately cooking tuyo often meant filling the air with a strong, pungent smell, so chef Mr. Gilberto Tongo decided to put these in ready-to-eat containers...

Tongo's Super Tuyo

May 02, 2015

Tongo's Super Tuyo - One of the Philippine Products I love. I met this last 2013. I'm not sure if by now they are already available nationwide in the Philippines. And how I wish they'll export also...

19 Surprisingly Delicious Meals You Can Make With Tuyo!

February 19, 2015

Recipe #7 is actually made of ‪‎SuperTuyo‬. When it comes to tuyo — or dried fish from the Philippines — there are two kinds of people in this world: those who like it, and those who’ve yet to taste it...

Tongo's Super Tuyo: Average Made Sosyal

August 4, 2014
Anne Villanueva

The tagline reads “The Best Tasting Tuyo” and my taste buds say “Agree!” First introduced by Cat back in 2012, the Super Tuyo is an instant favorite among friends. It comes in 3 equally delicious variants: Original, Famous Spicy, and Sweet & Spicy...

The wonders of Super Tuyo – not your ordinary tuyo!

July 08, 2013
When In Manila

WHEN IN MANILA, one should never miss trying out Filipino favorites. It makes anyone staying in Manila as authentic as possible! Staple Filipino favorites such as adobo, sinigang, kare-kare, pancit, lechon are some of the few favorites you can see during local festivals, parties or even during meal time...

Super Tuyo by Tongo's Foods- A Classic Filipino Favorite

June 22, 2013
Berylle Kaye

An average Filipino loves tuyo." That's what's in the mind of Mr. Gilberto Tongo when he came up with the idea of creating Super Tuyo. Super Tuyo is basically the Filipino-favorite salted dried herring mixed with a signature chili garlic sauce in oil. It comes in 3 exciting variants...

Lutong Bahay: Spicy Tuyo Aglio Olio with Super Tuyo

June 12, 2013
Sumi Go

Lutong Bahay is a short tag on the title which I use to feature home-cooked food, either in our own home or at a friend's house, either my own cooking or not. I've always loved cooking and eating pasta, but the usual carbonara or spaghetti had already got tiring for my taste buds...

Super Tuyo: My New Kitchen Hero

May 13, 2013
Joy Felizardo

This post will give a whole new light to eating the very familiar yet applauded less, Tuyo. Tuyo in the Filipino's dictionary is any fish heavily salted and dried under the sun, which in turn preserve the fish then stored. Also, it is the most widely eaten viand during stormy seasons...

The Healthy Food List

January 11, 2013

Food list importance made itself known to me lately. For the past year, we have made a lot of changes in our household especially in terms of food and what we ingest. Eating healthy means that we try to stay away from common ingredients used in a lot of products that are medically...

The Hot Pink Backpack Diaries: Yes, this Backpacker is 45% Kikay Too

November 2011
Chasing Philippines

From the first day I exposed and indulged myself to traveling, I immediately eliminated that Maarte-Pasusyal-Attitude (well, I think I have never been tagged as such). I became 200% more kuripot and/or practical in a sense that I only buy what I badly NEED. Believe me...


Super Tuyo at Umagang Kay Ganda

November 13, 2014



September 2016

Tuyo Sauce Turns Super

Malaya News





VBlogger: Say Tioco Artillero

April 20, 2013
World Trade Center